The Red Hot Chili Peppers are suing Showtime for having a show called "Californication." They claim it devalues their CD of the same name. Clearly they must be delusional, if not insane.

The term Californication appeared in Time Magazine as far back as 1972, 27 years before the Chili Peppers released their album.

In 2006 their album "Stadium Arcadium" was the best selling of the year. They toured the world and capped things off by winning 5 Grammy awards.

For a band that is still that commercially viable, suing a Cable Network over the title of a Television program seems desperate and lame. I have no idea if they have a chance in hell of winning this lawsuit but it makes them look ridiculous.

Are they trying to get their name in the news to spike CD and merchandise sales for the holiday season? I'm not sure what else this could be about especially since the timing of the lawsuit comes several weeks after Californication's season finale aired. Odd that they wouldn't sue during the previous two plus months that the show was actually airing.

Once considered to be anti-establishment innovators and an influence on music and bands that came after them the Red Hot Chili Peppers now look like they want to be the establishment. Whether this lawsuit is someones idea at quick publicity, quick cash or they actually feel wronged it still stinks. With this lawsuit The Red Hot Chili Peppers want everyone to believe they own the word "Californication." These guys were much more interesting when they were wearing socks on their penises.