Mollydooker - 2006 The Maitre D' Cabernet Sauvignon

For today's Cabernet selection I'm looking at one from Australia. Although this is only the second vintage for Mollydooker Maitre D'Wines, the folks behind the label Sarah & Sparky Marquis have been in the wine business for the better part of two decades in one form or another. Mollydooker Wines has several distinct series which translate into different price points. Today's Cabernet Sauvignon is part of the Lefty Series. Each of the wines in the Lefty Series has a retail price of $20. Upon approaching The Maitre D' the first whiff from the nose reveals plum and berry notes in great abundance. The first sips showcases more dark berry fruit and some softer mocha notes. This wine absolutely explodes on the mid-palate with extremely rich and mouth-filling intense dark berry and plum fruit. The finish of The Maitre D' is long, lingering and noteworthy for the price point. Clearly above average in length it features, fig, candied blueberry a ton of spice and subtle espresso notes. The tannins on this wine are soft and fairly sleek. Above all The Maitre D' is smooth, silky and loaded with ripe enticing dark fruit that draws you back for sip after sip.

Considering the wine clocks in with 16% alcohol it's a marvel that it doesn't drink hot at all. In fact it's well balanced with firm acidity and goes down quite easily. It's a big wine for sure but it's also not overwhelming and didn't tire my palate as I drank it. The Maitre D' drinks very well right now and I expect it has a solid 5 years ahead of it. For $20 this an excellent value and you'll be hard pressed to do better. This is especially recommended for fans of big, rich wines. Mollydooker Wines has a great deal if you order through their website. If you purchase a case of wine, shipping from California for the entire thing is only .12 cents.

Stay tuned as I will be looking at two other Mollydooker Wines, The Boxer and Blue Eyed Boy in the upcoming weeks.

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