La Tunella - 2006 BiancoSesto

One of the best whites I had at the Gambero Rosso Italian Wines Roadshow was BiancoSesto by La Tunella. The wine is a BiancoSesto50/50 blend of Ribolla Gialla and Tocai Friulano. Fermentation for this wine was in oak followed by aging in stainless steel vats before bottling. I found the nose of the wine to be incredibly fresh with a touch of vanilla in it. Mostly it smelled like summer to me. Tasting it was an eyeopener. BiancoSesto is very middle of the road in its taste. And I mean that in the best way possible. It has some of the citrus and crisp freshness associated with Sauvignon Blanc without the tartness some of them feature. The wine is substantial and complex like a fine Chardonnay but does not possess the characters that some overdone Chardonnays sometimes do. Most of all I found La Tunella BiancoSesto to be an impeccably balanced wine with good acidity.

In short BiancoSesto is a very appealing wine to drink both on it's own and with lighter foods such as soft cheeses, an entree salad or appetizers. If you're having a dinner party or friends and family over for any event this is a perfect "welcome wine" to greet people with at the door when they walk in. That said it's also a wine worth pairing with and contemplating over a thoughtfully prepared meal

BiancoSesto by La Tunella retails for approximately $20. For that price it provides a good deal of complexity in such an easy drinking wine. This is a unique experience well worth the money.

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