Mollydooker - The Boxer - 2006

The Boxer is the wine from Mollydooker that I first noticed. The 2005 vintage was declared by many to be one of the best wine values in the world for wines in the $20 price range. Most impressive to me was the high quality of that wine for one made in such large quantities. Mollydooker's 2006 vintage has been on shelves for awhile now. I just had the opportunity to sample the new vintage of The Boxer. Once again this is a tremendous bargain for those who are fans of big, bold Australian Shiraz.

The nose of The Boxer has significant vanilla notes and plum fruit characteristics. The first sips reveals gobs of blackberry and chocolate notes. The mid palate continues the berry, chocolate and plum themes while also featuring significant spice notes. The finish is long and opulent with mocha notes featuring prominently to the very end.

The Boxer is incredibly smooth, big, rich and mouth-filling throughout. As with the 2005 vintage this wine is again a great value. Truth be told I think the 2006 version of The Boxer is better than the 2005 version was. It strikes me as even bolder and more self-indulgent. As big and bold as this wine is it's possible to enjoy it on it's own. But for an even better experience pair it with a steak.

Mollydooker wines offers free shipping through their website to anyone ordering a case of wine. They also offer a very reasonably priced deal ($24) to ship a case 2 day air. U.S. orders are fulfilled from their offices in Napa.

Bottom Line: if you like big, in your face Australian Shiraz, you should try The Boxer. For a price of $20, it delivers.

Coming Tomorrow: Another Shiraz from Mollydooker: Blue Eyed Boy 

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