Edna Valley Vineyard - 2006 Pinot Noir

a 2006 Pinot Noir is the second release I'm looking at from Edna Valley Vineyard. Coverage of a Syrah will follow tomorrow. Additionally, Edna Valley Vineyard will be represented on this blog again in April during Petite Sirah Week.PN This 2006 Pinot Noir had tiny amounts of Carignane & Syrah (3% total between the two) blended in. 96% of the oak used was French and 1/3 of it was new. The suggested retail price on the Edna valley Vineyard Pinot Noir is $20. However, as with yesterdays Chardonnay you can easily find it for a few dollars less if you look around.

A huge nose of fresh strawberries is the the first thing that emerges from the glass with this wine. It's followed by subtle vanilla aromas that emerge more prominently as the wine has a chance to open up. Sour cherry and earthiness are immediately present when you first sip this Pinot Noir. The mid-palate is full of raspberry and mushroom notes that linger through the substantial finish. White pepper is the last note to emerge from this wine and it tickles the back of the throat pleasently.

This Pinot Noir is well balanced and it has a teriffic acidity to it. As is typical of Pinot Noir made in a Burgundian style this wine will marry well with a wide array of foods. I personally find well made Pinot to be one of the most adaptable wines out there.

For a price-point under $20 this is a fine example of a well made Pinot Noir. Plenty of true varietal character here. It'll drink well over the next 3 or 4 years, with the earthiness likely to become more prominent.

Up Next: Edna Valley Vineyard Syrah

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