Boggy Creek Vineyards - 2004 Shiraz

Although their first vines were planted in 1978 and they produced wine ever since, the Boggy Creek Vineyards Label was not actually launched until 2000. With Shiraz being the benchmark grape of Australia and Boggy Creek being in a cool climate area I was very curious to see what they did with Boggy Creek Vineyards Shirazthis wine. The 2004 Boggy Creek Vineyards Shiraz is made of 100% Estate Grown fruit. It was aged in a combination of French and American Oak Barrels. The suggested retail price is $22.

This wine opens with a nose of black cherry, vanilla and spice notes. A ton of raspberry, blueberry and strawberry feature prominently throughout the palate along with a nice undercurrent of spices such as white pepper and nutmeg. The finish has touches of leather and earthiness along with subtler but present chicory notes that linger for a good long while. This wine will pair with a wide variety of foods. Pork chops, sausage and peppers, and grilled shish kabobs are just a couple of the choices that pop into my head when considering this wine.

The Boggy Creek Vineyards 2004 Shiraz has plenty of fruitiness to please those who like a wine that has pleasing bright fruit character. But this is a well balanced wine with good acidity. It has shows restraint and should also be of interest to those who prefer old world wines. In short this wine tows the line, lots of fruit, but in a classy manner. As with the other Boggy Creek Wines I've had the Shiraz is elegant and refined.

For $22 this probably isn't a Wednesday night with leftovers wine for a lot of people. However It is a fairly priced wine for the quality. It has at least a few years of evolution ahead of it in the bottle. With that in mind it's a good choice to stash a few of in the cellar for future enjoyment. Whether the future is Sunday Dinner in a month or Easter in 2010.

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