Fife Vineyards - 2002 Redhead Vineyards Petite Syrah

At the 12 Days of Petite Sirah comes close to ending I've fixed my gaze at Mendocino County. This time the producer is Fife Vineyards. Founder Dennis has a long and storied history in the California wine industry. A history that dates back to be President of legendary Inglenook Napa Valley. After several other impressive stops along the way he founded his own winery in 1991. Petite Sirah is a varietal he's worked with since 1972 The Fife Vineyards 2002 Redhead Vineyards Petie Syrah is 95% varietal with 5% Carignane blended in.  FifeProduction is fairly small at 533 cases. The suggested retail price is $24.

The Fife Petite Syrah opens with blackberries and cherry liqueur in the nose. Out of the bottle this wine is a bit tight and decanting is highly encouraged. Once this wines unwinds and begins to express itself it shows black pepper and vanilla at first followed by an absolutely tremendous expression of cherry that cuts through the mid-palate and lingers until the finish. More pepper, both black an white highlight the finish along with lingering dried fruit notes and a closing chicory note. This wine is rich,  well balanced and built to accompany food. This wine is dry and sonewhat austere, making it a good bet for a wide array of foods.

The Fife Vineyards 2002 Redhead Vineyards Petite Syrah is a rich offering with an elegant and austere dryness to it. With a solid 45 minutes in the decanter this wine is drinking quite well right now.

Check out PS I love You, the Advocacy Group dedicated to this great varietal.

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