Mil Piedras - 2006 Malbec

Those familiar with Argentina know that there are a number of terrific wines being produced there. Anyone who has tasted enough Argentine offerings knows that they can certainly hold their own with a wide array of varietals. However to a lot of people the first thing they think of when it comes to Argentina is Malbec. This is understandable. While they're showing they can make Cabernet Sauvignon to compete with the worlds best for example, no other country has shown they can make Malbec to compete with the best offerings coming out of Argentina. So it BVstands to reason that most Argentine wineries not only make Malbec but they often make more than one. Under the Mil Piedras label Benvenuto de la Serna there is one stand alone varietal Malbec. Additionally their lone blend features a heavy percentage of Malbec as well. The 2006 Mil Piedras Malbec was produced from 7 year old Estate vines. 4,000 cases of this wine were produced and it sells for approximately $10.

This Malbec is a deeply colored wine with an expressive nose of plum, vanilla and blackberry. A rich, round mouth feel defines the palate in the form of blackberry jam, sour cherry and spice notes. Dark berry fruit lingers on the finish along with very gentle spices. This wine sips well on it's own, but will also be a good complement to a burger or other grilled foods.

For a Malbec in the $10 price range the Mil Piedras is more subtly layered and complex then many in that category. Often Malbecs in this range tend to be of the brawnier variety. This one is a change of pace from that and another nice value from Mil Piedras.

This is the last wine from Mil Piedras I'm looking at this week. In a couple of weeks however I'll be looking at their Rosé.

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