Etko Wines - Commandaria - St Nicholas

The second dessert wine from Etko Wines I'm looking at is the Commandaria St. Nicholas. As with any wine region Commandaria offers a variety of dessert wines that have been aged and treated differently. Thus there is something to try a different levels of cost with varying complexity and the like. The Etko Wines Commandaria St. Nicholas is a blend of 60% Xynisteri and 40% Mavro. The suggested retail St. Nicholasprice for this wine is $18. It can be found for a couple dollars less.

The nose of the St. Nicholas is full of fresh apricot and peach with an undercurrent of maple syrup, caramel and sweet burn sugar. From the very first sip through the mid palate, tons and tons of fig notes permeate this wine. Again their accompanied by caramel flavors that ride just underneath that in an almost sly manner. The Finish of this wine continues the fig flavors accompanied by ginger spice, light espresso bean notes and a slight bit of mocha. This wine will be an excellent match for dried fruit, nuts and fairly stinky cheeses.

Compared to the Centurion the St. Nicholas features much fresher fruit flavors. The St. Nicholas offers nice complexity in it's price category. This is a wine to consider as an alternative to Tawny Ports. For the cost it delivers a lot of favor, sweetness and pleasure. It's not overly stick, sweet or cloying though. For the price the Etko Wines Commandaria St. Nicholas is a bargain. If you drink dessert wines, look out for this one. If you don't drink dessert wines regularly this one comes in at a price more than reasonable enough to experiment with. Check it out.

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