Xumek - 2005 Malbec

A lot of terrific wine made from various varietals is coming out of Argentina. Malbec, however, is the varietal that Argentina is best known for. In addition to it being a large part of their production, they simply make more great Malbec than any other country. The second wine I'm looking at from Xumek is a Malbec. The 2005 Xumek Malbec is 100% varietal and all Estate Fruit. 2,500 cases were produced. It's finished with a natural cork closure. While the suggested retail price is in the upper teens this wine can be purchased for closer to $12.

The Xumek Malbec has a beautiful deep purple hue. The nose of this Malbec leads with plum, berry, vanilla and toasty oak notes. Mocha notes come out on the entry point, giving way to berry and white pepper spice in the mid-palate. The finish has dark chocolate and blackberry fruit notes along with pepper that tingles the back of the throat a good long while. This wine is well balanced with good acidity and will be versatile at the table.

This offering is more austere and dry than textbook Malbecs. The Xumek appears built to last longer and age more gracefully than many it's it's price category. This is smoother than the average Malbec and a step up in elegance and subtle layering. Well worth it's modest price tag.

Imported by H & S Specialty Imports.

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