Finca La Linda - 2007 Torrontés

The first grape that comes to mind when most wine drinkers think of Argentina is Malbec. That's not surprising since Argentina makes most of the world's best Malbec. Torrontés, is a white grape and pretty soon it's likely people will be as aware of it as they are of Malbec today. In general I find Torrontés to be an excellent choice as a welcome wine when you have people over for a party or long meal. Additionally, they tend to pair with a wide array of lighter cuisine. The 2007 Finca La Linda Torrontés is 100% varietal. Vines for this offering are grown at 1,700 meters above sea level in sandy/stony soil. The suggested retail price for this wine is $10.99.

The nose of this wine is full of honey, lychee fruit and floral notes. From the very first sip there is an avalanche of peach notes. All the fruit in the nose and through the palate gives the impression of sweetness. In actuality this offering is well balanced and presents tremendous acidity. This wine will pair well white meats such as grilled chicken. It'll also be an excellent match for spicy Asian dishes as well as curry.

What I like best about Torrontés is general is how incredibly aromatic and expressive the nose tends to be. The Finca La Linda Torrontés from Luigi Bosca falls within that tendency. This is a nice little wine that will delight those who are already familiar with this grape and surprise those new to it. Most of the Torrontés available in the US marketplace at this point is under $15. In many cases, as with this example, for around $10, it's quite a deal.

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