EOS Winery - 2005 Zinfandel & 2006 Zinfandel Port

The 12 Days of Zin continues today with a stop in Paso Robles. A few months back when I was looking at Petite Sirah for 12 Days, the wines from EOS impressed me. So when I set out to take a look at a wide array of Zinfandel's it was a no brainer to see what EOS could do with Zin. I'll take a look at two from them today. One is their 2005 Estate Zinfandel and the other their 2006 Zinfandel Port. The 2005 EOS Estate Winery Zinfandel is 87.9% Zin with the balance being made up of Petite Sirah. All the fruit was sourced from their Brothers Ranch Estate vineyard.  The wine was aged for 22 months in a combination of French and American oak ranging from new barrels to neutral. The suggested retail price for this wine is $18.

Blueberry, plum, cedar and vanilla note lead a vibrant nose that bursts from the glass. From the very first sip there are copious amounts of berry fruit notes throughout this wines palate. It approaches being jammy but really stops just short of that. Once the wine opens up (30 minutes in the decanter is my recommendation) it's robust and exuberant yet well in check and balanced. Spice notes start emerging in the mid-palate and carry through to the finish which also features a bit of emerging earthiness. The generous percentage of Petite Sirah added to this Zinfandel provides structure, depth and some deep dark flavors. These grapes are natural partners and they shine together. This Zinfandel from EOS will be a good match for grilled, highly flavored meats, but will also match well with a dish of pasta.

What I like best about this Zinfandel is that it provides excellent varietal character and good complexity for a reasonable price. Enjoy this one in it's youth.

The 2006 EOS Winery Zinfandel Port is 79.5% varietal with the balance made up of Petite Sirah. All the fruit is from the EOS Brothers Ranch Estate Vineyard. This port was aged for 12 months in neutral oak  The suggested retail price for this dessert wine is $30.

From the first whiff to the last sip the word that best defines this port is intense. The nose is filled with dried fruit notes of prune and blackberry along with subtler but present cinnamon. From the very first sip chocolate covered blackberry notes fill the palate and provide a lush, rich mouthful of flavor. Fruitcake spice characteristics emerge on the mid-palate and work their way through to the finish which also includes earth, persistent mocha and a touch of chicory. This is an incredibly smooth wine that tastes far more expensive than it's $30 price tag would indicate. Chocolate desserts of any kind will be an excellent match for this wine as would dried fruits and nuts. Truthfully though, the 2006 EOS Winery Zinfandel Port is an excellent dessert all by itself.

EOS Winery is making some excellent wines at fair price points, this is a label worth looking out for.

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