Ravenswood - 2006 Vintners Blend Petite Sirah

There are a ton of wines out there to drink with your holiday meal this Thanksgiving. And it seems there are almost as many recommendations guiding your choices. That's important, but what about rw_vb_bottle_petitesirahthe next day? Come Friday the big Thanksgiving meal will be over and you'll have a refrigerator full of leftovers. You may choose to eat them as they are, make sandwiches or completely re-purpose some of the leftovers to create new dishes. Regardless of your choice, you'll probably want to enjoy some wine with that post-holiday feast. So I set out to write about a wine that would be an appropriate match for your leftovers. I wanted this to be a widely available wine that was also priced to move off the shelf. It should be the sort of selection you might consider drinking any day of the week. After tasting through a handful of wines I had lined up to write about, I chose the Ravenswood 2006 Vintners Blend Petite Sirah as my recommendation to match with your 2008 Thanksgiving leftovers. The Ravenswood 2006 Vintners Blend Petite Sirah is 92% varietal and the balance Syrah. This offering was aged in mostly French oak with 15% of it being new. The suggested retail price for this wine is $10.

Violet and plum notes fill the nose of this Petite Sirah. Dark fruit characteristics are prominent throughout the palate, along with subtler but present nutmeg and pepper. Dark chocolate notes emerge in the mid-palate and carry through the finish which also shows understated hints of sour cherry. Good acidity and a very approachable style make this an excellent match for a wide array of cuisine.

Most of us will have a wide array of leftovers staring at us this Friday. The Ravenswood Petite Sirah is a great choice to match up with whatever your refrigerator ends up stuffed with. At a suggested price of $10, this wine is a very nice value that offers good varietal character and lots of flavor. The selections in the Ravenswood "Vintners Blend" series are widely available, making this an easy go to wine wherever you're located.

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