2009 New York Wine Expo

When I attend a large scale Wine Tasting in successive years, one of the first four_beauty_420copy_smthing I look for, is differences from the previous one. Last year I felt that the New York Wine Expo was very good, particularly for a first year event. I was hoping however that the 2009 event would be even better. What I found upon entering the Javits Center, is that the 2009 New York Wine Expo was being held in a larger space than last years event. As I hoped, that meant it was more spacious, (not just crammed with more tables) and easier to get around. Another upgrade, in my opinion was the selection of wines. I do believe there were more wines being poured this year, but that's not what I mean. The wines being poured formed a broader cross section of the wine world at large. Each area represented seemed to have a number of producers, allowing tasters to get a nice feel for a region. Argentina, Austria and Germany are three countries that I particularly noticed good representation of.

Argentine wines are a particular interest of mine, and I'm always glad to see their wines out in force. Germany and Austria are both countries I feel often get short shrift at tastings and on US Wine Store shelves. So to see them being well represented, was pleasing.

Among the producers that stood out, Château de Valloubière had a lovely Rosé that I look forward to sipping all summer long on my deck. New Zealand's Staete Landt had several impressive selections including a Sauvignon Blanc and a Pinot Noir. Amongst the Austrian standouts was the Tegernseerhof 2007 Rosé Zweigelt and the Steininger Loisiumweingarten 2007 Gruner Veltliner. The 2004 Hall "Kathryn Hall" Cabernet Sauvignon impressed me with its complexity and finish. It's sure to age for close to a decade. Several selections from Portuguese producer Quinta do Vallado stood out as well. Neige, an apple Ice Wine from Quebec, provided something quite different, and memorable.

Also of note was Four Wines 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon. This is the first wine in a tube. What this represents is the latest take on premium boxed wines. It's the equivalent of 3 liters of wine (4 bottles), with a suggested retail price of $40. I found it to be a tasty wine, more complex than the average $10 bottle of Cab. They claim it'll be good for a minimum of 4 weeks after opening.

Wine lovers in the NY area who didn't attend the 2009 Wine Expo will want to keep their eyes open for the 2010 iteration. The number, and variety, of available wines, from the world over, makes this a worthwhile event.

Starting  this Thursday: 12 Days of Cabernet Franc! 

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