12 Days of Cabernet Franc

cosStarting tomorrow I'll spend 12 days looking at Different Cabernet Francs. For the last couple of weeks I tasted a boatload of them, more than 50 to be more precise, and I found about 20 that I really enjoyed. Over the next 12 days I'll write about those 20 at a rate of one or two a day. Some may wonder why I chose Cabernet Franc for 2009's first installment in the "12 Days of..." series. The choice was actually pretty simple. Cabernet Franc is one of those varietals that I never turn down a taste of. Whether I'm at a public tasting, in a Winery Tasting Room or elsewhere, if someone offers a Cabernet Franc, I'm compelled to give it a shot. Part of it, is certainly the fact that it doesn't get as much attention as it deserves, and isn't bottled as a varietal often enough for my liking. The other part is that when they are well made, they can be absolutely profound.

Hopefully at the end of 12 Days of Cabernet Franc, some folk will be inspired to bring some home and pop the corks on them.

Up Next: The 12 Days of Cabernet Franc !

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