Nevada City Winery - 2005 Cabernet Franc

The Sierra Foothills is the first stop today during the final day of the 12 Days 2005-cab-fr-frontof Cabernet Franc. Nevada City Winery has been producing wine since 1980. The birth of their Winery came at the very beginning of a modern growth spurt in Nevada County. In 1980 there was only one small vineyard under vine, today there are more than 300 acres. Their offerings include single varietal bottlings, dessert wines and a host of blends. The 2005 Nevada City Cabernet Franc is 100% Varietal. 355 cases of this Franc were produced and the suggested retail price is $23.

The big, bright nose of this Franc is filled with black fruit such as cherries and plum, as well as subtle hints of vanilla bean. A core of ripe fruit explodes through the palate which is rich and sensual. Blackberry pie notes are most prominent. Chicory, white pepper and light earth characteristics fill a medium length finish. This wine has a firm but approachable tannic structure that yields with some air.

This is brighter Cabernet Franc whose fruit has some jam aspects to it. It's relatively big through the palate, though certainly not over the top. It's very much California in style and more specifically speaks of its Sierra Foothills origin. This is a very appealing wine, that will please both seasoned wine drinkers with its complexity, and novices with its seductive fruit flavors. I look forward to trying other selections from Nevada City Winery in the future.

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