Wyndham Estate - 2006 Bin 505 Shiraz Rosé

we_505_bottleWith Spring here and summer coming down the tracks, my thoughts go to Rosé. There is something about drinking dry Rosé in the summer, that simply can't be replicated the rest of the year. At this time of year I tend to taste through quite a few examples so I can find the Rosé I plan to lean on that coming summer. Of course I have my standbys, but each passing year there is thankfully more and more Rosé on US shelves. I try to find one I haven't had before to enjoy going forward. Today I'll look at an example from down under. The 2006 Wyndham Estate Bin 505 Shiraz Rosé was sourced from several regions in the South Eastern part of Australia. This wine is all Shiraz. The suggested retail price for this wine is $10.

This Rosé has a gorgeous strawberry hue that shimmers beautifully in your glass. Raspberry, vanilla and wild strawberry notes emerge in the nose. Throughout the palate there is an abundance of bing and black cherry characteristics. The finish has continued cherry this time with a sour tinge. Terrific acidity keeps this wine well balanced and refreshing. This offering will pair well with lighter, warm weather foods. It also drinks nicely on its own and would be a good choice as a welcome wine at your first outdoor event this year.

What I like best about this Rosé is that it hits the characteristics I'm looking for, in a modestly priced package. It's refreshing, provides  terrific fruit flavors, will be a good match with food and reminds me of fun. At this price it won't break the bank either. Definitely a contender for my Summer 2009 Rosé of choice.

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