Bodega Septima - 2007 Malbec

A few years ago Malbec was little known to casual wine drinkers in the US. Thankfully, due to larger and larger quantities of Argentine Wines on MALBEC 2007 (3)US shelves this has changed. The 2007 Bodega Septima Malbec is a 40,000 case production. This wine normally sells for right around $10, often a little less.

Dark plum, blueberry and vanilla notes are the most prominent characteristics of this Malbec's nose. The palate is loaded with juicy black fruit that's got a nice jam quality to it. Pepper and vanilla spice notes are also quite lively. This offering has a solid finish that features, espresso bean earth, and continued pepper. This wine has approachable tannins, good structure and firm acidity.

What I like best about this wine is that its a solid example of Malbec. It displays many of the characteristics that have helped make Malbec a very appealing varietal whose popularity has grown in the US over the last few years. One of those characteristics is approachability. This release is tasty and appealing from the word go. That said 45 minutes in the decanter helps it really blossom and smooths out a couple of little rough edges it has at the start. This is also a very versatile release. It'll pair equally well with a burger or a chicken cesar wrap. It also drinks quite well on its own. All around this is a solid value and a good bet as an every day house wine.

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