Michael David - 2007 Petite Petit

As I mentioned yesterday I've had several of the Micahel David wines over the years. There are a handful of them that I keep in my cellar ppregularly. All that said there are a few that I've never had. The wine I'm looking at today, Petite Petit is one of them. I'm a huge fan of Petite Sirah which makes it surprising to me that I hadn't gotten to this one before now. But that's been corrected. The 2007  Michael David Petite Petit is produced from Lodi fruit. This wine is a blend of Petite Sirah (85%) and Petit Verdot (15%). This offering was aged in French oak for 15 months. The suggested retail price for this selection is $18.

Violets, plum, blueberry and nutmeg are all part of this wine's nose. The palate is rich, jammy, velvety and loaded with decadent and inviting berry fruit flavors. Blackberry is the standout characteristic. It's not quite blackberry pie though. There are some vanilla elements and fresh pastry notes that put me in the mind of blackberry and currant scones. Dusty cocoa, white pepper and continued nutmeg are all part of a nice finish. Sufficient acidity keeps things in check.

As I mentioned I'm a sucker for good Petite Sirah. and while Petit Verdot is most often used in Bordeaux style blends I think it really adds a lot to this selection. The lush and velvety mid-palate is most likely a result of the healthy percentage of Petit Verdot in the blend. There are a handful of solid Petite Sirah's in the budget category that have been consistent year after year. Concannon and Bogle are two that come to mind. This release from Michael David is a bit more than those, but for the extra money you get an additional wallop of flavor. I'll be very curious to see if this wine is as consistent from vintage to vintage as the other Michael David wines. As it stands this wine is a nice value and a good example of both Petite Sirah and what adding Petit Verdot in can bring to the party.

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