Fat bastard - 2008 Rosé

FB-roseWith summer here a couple of things come to mind, Yankee Baseball and drinking lots of Rosé. The two happen to go well together. There are several Rosés which have become standards for me year after year. The Rosato from Swanson Vineyards is one of these. However every summer I keep an eye out for selections I haven’t tried. Today I’ll look at the one from Fat bastard.

The Fat bastard 2008 Rosé is made from fruit sourced in Languedoc, This offering is an even split of Grenache and Shiraz. The wine most often sells for just under $10.

This 2008 Rosé has a lovely pink hue, perhaps a bit darker than the average French offering in the category. The nose offers an enticing mix of strawberries, cherries, white pepper and a hint of sugar. Watermelon is the most dominant component through the palate. While this wine isn’t really sweet it reminded me of Jolly Ranchers. Raspberries and dark cherries join the watermelon flavors in supporting roles. The finish is crisp and refreshing, beckoning you back for another sip. This Rosé has excellent acidity and will pair well with the casual foods associated with summer. I paired it with Hot Dogs slathered in onions and a side of Pasta Salad; an excellent and laid back summer match.

The refreshing and fruity nature of this Rosé is what stands out most. It’s noteworthy to add that while I often drink Rosés ice cold this one was better a couple of degrees warmer. That still chilled, but slightly warmer temperature allowed several additional layers of flavor to emerge.

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