Martin & Weyrich - 2006 Petit Verdot

mw_crest_colorMartin & Weyrich's history in Paso Robles dates back almost 30 years, to 1981. When they bought their first parcel of land only a handful of other wineries existed in the area. Today Paso Robles is a hot region recognized by more and more folks everyday as an area with distinct wines, often at excellent prices. The array of offerings in the Martin & Weyrich portfolio is impressive. Initially focusing mostly on Italian varietals they have expanded to include Bordeaux and Rhone offerings as well. In fact they have one of the widest selections in Paso Robles. None of that would matter if they weren't making excellent wines, which they are. Today I'll look at their current release Petit Verdot. The 2006 Martin & Weyrich Petit Verdot is one of their smaller case productions. This selection is primarily produced for their Avanti Wine Club; however it does show up in a very limited number of Central Coast wine shops and a handful of restaurants as well. The suggested retail price for this wine is $30.

I really wish more wineries would produce a stand alone, varietal Petit Verdot. While it's often part of Bordeaux style blends, this grape is too rarely given the chance to star on its own. This example from Martin & Weyrich is evidence that it should be given that opportunity more often. Dark plum, cedar and black pepper are all part of a heady and intoxicating nose. The palate of this Petit Verdot is rich and velvety with a luxurious mouth-feel. An abundance of dark fruits such as blackberry, dark cherry and raspberry as well as plum fill the middle of this wine with appealing berry pie flavors. Spice notes in the form of continued pepper, allspice, star anise, cloves and hints of cardamon underpin the palate and continue through a lovely and lingering finish. Touches of vanilla emerge as well and add a hint of lighter flavor to what is a mostly dark (gloriously so) flavor profile. This wine has sufficient acidity and nice structure. I found Lamb to be an excellent match for this beauty. Full flavored foods in general will do well.

This wine is one of the exceptions that proves the rule for me. Martin & Weyrich is one of the larger producers in Paso Robles. Many of their wines are widely available. They do a nice job with those. A wine like this, made in limited quantities and not widely available helps set them apart. This Petit Verdot is both delicious and unique. It's clear they put as much care and effort into this exclusive bottling as they do into their larger productions. Another reason to look towards Martin & Weyrich for well made, interesting wines at a fair price.

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