Trapiche - 2008 Torrontes

When it comes to white varietals from Argentina, Torrontes is poised to be the star of theTorrontes_jpg show. It’s emerging here but not quite on the tip of every wine drinkers tongue yet. The question isn’t if Torrontes is going to break out and be everywhere, it’s when. This is an excellent varietal which most often produces floral wines with diverse food pairing possibilities. Today I’m going to look at a current release from Trapiche. If you shop for Argentine wines the name Trapiche is likely familiar; they make a wide range of offerings in several tiers. The Torrontes I’m examining today is from their varietals tier. These wines are under $15 and aimed at everyday affordability and enjoyment. The Trapiche 2008 Torrontes is made from fruit sourced in the Mendoza region of Argentina. This offering is 100% Torrontes. This selection can often be found on store shelves for less than $10.

The light yellow hue of this wine is offset by a tinge of green. Hazelnut, vanilla, lemon zest and a touch of Valencia Orange are part of the lovely and evocative nose. Yellow peach and continued underlying citrus characteristics are present through the palate. Toasted nut, white pepper and additional vanilla emerge in the nice finish. This Torrontes has excellent acidity. Trapiche offers a wine that will pair well with a variety of  lighter cuisine. However I really like to use is as a welcome wine when guests first come over.

As I mentioned above Torrontes is primed to become a bigger and bigger player on US shelves in the upcoming years. Right now it’s still under many peoples radar though. That gives you a great opportunity to surprise your friends with something unique they may have not tasted before. While you’re making friends, if you like this wine you may want to hit up the folks at Trapiche who have setup a Facebook page to connect with fans.

Bottom line for me is that this wine is very tasty and well priced. A safe summer bet and one you can bust open no matter how many people you have over.

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