V-Twin Vineyards - 2007 River Run Chardonnay

After tasting a couple of Zinfandels from V-Twin Vineyards it’s time to seeRR-Chard what they can do with Chardonnay. I found the Zinfandels quite tasty and was hopeful that the Chardonnay would follow suit. The 2007 V-Twin Vineyards River Run Chardonnay is produced from fruit sourced in Mendocino. This wine saw no oak treatment. A mere 200 cases of this wine were produced and the suggested retail price is $15.

Over-oaked Chardonnay is the bane of my existence. Perhaps that’s a bit strong, but you get the idea. I don’t mind some oak but when it’s over the top as it too often is it can ruin some perfectly tasty juice. So I was anticipating tasting this Chardonnay from V-Twin for a couple of reasons. For one I really liked the Zins, and secondly it’s totally un-oaked.

Pineapple, mango and hints of ginger are all part of the fresh and expressive nose of this Chardonnay. From the first sip this wine just hits you with a blast of pure, unadulterated, juicy fruit. That fruit is joined by a tremendous host of spice and mineral notes which pick up mid-palate and carry through the finish which also has touches of cream and Anjou pear. As with the V-Twin Zinfandels this wine will be a good complement with food but doesn’t require it to be enjoyed. This is an excellent white wine to pair with a cheese board presentation.

What I like best about this Chardonnay is the pure expression of fruit it represents. Each of the wines from V-Twin Vineyards has that in common, the fruit shines through. Stay tuned as I look at a couple of wines from Del Fava next week. This is the reserve tier that Scott and his wife have launched in conjunction with V-Twin Vineyards.

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