The "12 Days of Pinot Noir" Is Coming

PVDB06e2A couple times a year I celebrate the Wine version of Christmas. How do I do that you ask? Pretty simple actually, I focus on a single varietal for 12 straight days. Petite Sirah, Zinfandel and most recently Cabernet Franc are amongst the varietals I've celebrated this semi-annual holiday with over the last couple of years. When I was thinking about what I should taste for the Fall 2009 edition of "12 Days," Pinot struck me as a no brainer. I've yet to run across a varietal of wine I don't like at all. But by the same token, few grapes get me as excited as Pinot Noir can. When they're excellent I find them downright inspirational. If I'm going to sit in the corner or under a tree and contemplate life with a bottle of wine, more than likely it's going to be Pinot Noir.

So, starting on October 1, it'll be all Pinot Noir for 12 days. How many Pinot Noirs am I going to write about you ask? I can't tell you, because I don't know yet. I'm tasting through quite a few Pinot's (well over 80) and I'll post here about the ones I like best. What I can tell you is that the Willamtte Valley in Oregon and the Santa Cruz Mountains of California are the areas I'm mostly tasting from. A couple of other appellations are on my tasting schedule and they may make it in as well. So depending on how many wines hit my sweet spot, look for multiple posts on most days. October is almost here and so is the 12 Days of Pinot Noir! Are you excited? I am and I hope you'll check in often to read up on my Pinot progress. As I write this I'm checking my list of Pinot Noir and organizing tasting flights, not to mention making sure all of my Burgundy glasses ares clean and ready to accept wine.

Of course a few months down the road and there will be another "12 Days" event. I'm open to suggestions for what the next varietal should be. So please shoot me a message and give me your thoughts. And by all means Drink some Pinot this week to help ne celebrate the 12 days of Pinot Noir!