Bota Box - 2009 Pinot Grgio

Over the last few years the image of non-traditionally packaged wine has started to shift. It’s no longer a given that wine coming in something other than a 750 ml bottle is of lesser quality. One delivery method that’s made a big turn is the box. What was once the bastion of cheap bulk wine has in some cases come to represent solid value and environmental friendliness. Today I’ll look at a selection from Bota Box that falls into that category. Bota Box 2009 Pinot Grigio comes in a 3 liter package. This box is the equivalent of 4 bottles of wine. The package is 100% recyclable. In addition to that aspect the lower weight and smaller size has a smaller carbon footprint that the same wine in glass would. Its compact size fits easily in a refrigerator or cooler.  This selection was produced from Pinot Grigio sourced from throughout California. Alcohol content is a modest  13%. The suggested retail price for this 3 liter package is $18.99.

Orchard fruit aromas fill the nose of this Pinot Grigio. Apple and pear dominate along with wisps of vanilla. Throughout the palate grapefruit plays a starring role along with continued orchard fruit. Spice notes kick in around mid-palate and continue to the finish which is clean and crisp. A hint of sweetness creeps in at the close and provides a lovely final note.

I served this wine at a BBQ over the weekend and thought it was flavorful and a good value. But I was quite curious to see what others had to say. A couple of common threads emerged amongst those who tasted. In general folks were surprised with the quality level for a boxed wine. They were further stunned when I revealed the price point. In general most of those I polled also used the words, fresh, refreshing and zesty or some combination of those. What I really found is that this wine had broad appeal across a large group. And let’s face it if you’re going to pull out 3 liters of a single wine, broad appeal is what you’re shooting for. The unofficial beginning of summer is here, with it BBQs and grilling galore. This Bota Box Pinot Grigio is a wine to consider for value and wide satisfaction.