Jaboulet - 2009 Côtes du Rhône' Parallèle 45' Rosé

With the summer in full gear and 4th of July upon us, we’re right in the middle of Rosé season. These days there are excellent versions coming from most of the world’s major wine producing regions. That aside for a moment, there is something to be said for how seriously Rosé is treated in France. Their love affair with Rosé goes back generations. Thankfully we’re starting to catch up in the US. Today I’ll look at current release from Paul Jaboulet. The Jaboulet 2009 Côtes du Rhône' Parallèle 45' Rosé is made from grapes sourced in vineyards located on the 45h latitude; thus the name. The vines have 25 years of age on them. This offering is a blend of Grenache (50%), Cinsault (40%), and Syrah (10%). This Rosé was produced using the Saignée method. The wine was then aged for a brief period in temperature controlled tanks prior to bottling. This selection has a suggested retail price of $12.

This wine has a gorgeous pale pink hue. Wild strawberry and red Bing cherry aromas are on display in the nose. Red fruits are the star of the show throughout the palate. Cherry, raspberry and strawberry are all present. Hints of passion fruit play a smaller role here, along with spice reference points. The finish brings out savory fruit along with mineral and additional spice notes; nutmeg and white peppercorn to name a few. This wine is crisp and clean with solid acidity.

There is a great deal to like about this 2009 Rosé. First and foremost it’s very refreshing and delicious. For $12 (less if you shop wisely) there is excellent value to be had here. A great wine to keep chilled in your refrigerator all summer long. It’ll pair perfectly with traditional picnic foods.