Boutari - 2009 Santorini

I recently had the opportunity to attend a tasting of Greek Wines in several different settings. Essentially it was an all day event that taught many of the attendees a lot about the wines emanating from Greece. In addition to being able to experience a broad selection of wines, I experienced a number of indigenous varietals for the first time and was generally impressed by the overall quality level. One thing stood out for me above everything else though. The wines from Santorini, which is an Island in Greece, were the ones that really struck the biggest chord with me. Today I’ll look at a Santorini wine from Boutari. The Boutari 2009 Santorini was produced from the Assyrtiko grape. This offering is 100% varietal. The vines on Santorini are considered to be amongst the very oldest in the world. This varietal is found in some other spots but is really known for being grown on Santorini. This wine sells for around $18.

Citrus aromas emerge in the nose of this wine along with a touch of white pepper. Lemon Zest and orange blossom are prominent throughout the full flavored palate along with apple and orchard fruit in general. Mineral notes and increasing spice characteristics mark the finish of this wine. This offering has crisp acidity and a mouthwatering quality that beckons you back to the glass for more.

This offering is a perfect choice to drink when you’re sitting on your deck on a beautiful summer day enjoying the terrific weather. That said it pairs very well with lighter foods. I found it to be particularly compelling when tasted alongside marinated, grilled chicken. The overall intensity of flavors on the palate along with the distinct layers of complexity present is what most impressed me. If you’re stuck in a white wine rut drinking the same old varietals over and over again, here’s a selection that will help break you out of that vicious cycle.