Michael Torino - 2009 Malbec Rosé

September is almost here and with its arrival many folks will shift away from Rosé to other wines. But there’s no reason to do that. Well made, dry Rosé’s can be enjoyed all year; late summer and fall are as good a time as any. Today I’ll look at an Argentine example made from their signature varietal, Malbec. This offering is from Michael Torino. They have more than 1,500 acres under vines, most sitting at elevations of more than 5,500 feet above sea level. The Michael Torino 2009 Malbec Rosé was produced from fruit sourced in the Cafayate Valley of Argentina. The grapes were harvested manually and after crushing there is some skin contact. Fermentation and vinification is handled in the same manner as their white wines. This selection has a suggested retail price of $11.99.

This 2009 Rosé has a darker, deeper hue than most. Aromas of wild strawberry and cherry fill the nose along with a light hit of spice. Vibrant red fruit flavors underscored by hints of tropical and citrus fruits lead the vivid, appealing palate. White pepper and fruit flavors that take a savory turn are part of the finish on this selection. This wine is lush and refreshing with solid, racy acidity.

This is a Rosé with a bit more heft than most. It’s fuller body and a bit of brighter fruit makes it a natural partner for more substantial foods than the average Rosé. That said, some of those same qualities make it very enjoyable to drink on it’s own as well. In either case a very refreshing and appealing Rosé whether you drink it as summer wanes or with Thanksgiving Dinner in a few months.