William Cole - 2009 Columbine Reserve Pinot Noir

Over the last few years I’ve taken note of some impressive Pinot Noirs from Chile. It’s an understatement to say that I'm excited about that turn of events. Pinot is one of my favorite varieties when it’s great, trouble is it’s not exceptional often enough. Too often, particularly in California, it’s planted in the wrong spot or treated with a heavy hand. A dollop of Pinot Noir in another variety is fine with me, anything else blended into a varietal Pinot Noir, not so much. Today I’ll look at a Chilean Pinot Noir that hit the spot for me. William Cole Vineyards is based in the Casablanca Valley, one of Chile’s cooler regions. They have over 129 Hectares under vine. The William Cole 2009 Columbine Reserve Pinot Noir was aged for six months in small oak casks. This offering has a suggested retail price of $15.

Wild strawberry, raspberry, mushroom a hint of forest floor and herb flourishes are all present in the heady, fresh, and inviting nose of this 2009 Pinot Noir. Black cherry and zingy red berry flavors make themselves known throughout the palate along with hints of black pepper. Rhubarb, sour red fruits and a wisp of candied cherry are all part of the finish along with star anise and a touch of chicory. This wine has excellent acidity. I found this Pinot Noir very appealing on its own and it also pair perfectly with a bowl of pasta dressed in a simple tomato sauce.

For $15 This Pinot Noir from William Cole represent a tremendous value. It’s very accessible as well as elegant. It shows off lots of genuine Pinot character and has an above average finish. If you're looking for a case buy of Pinot Noir that you can drink everyday without breaking the budget, this is it. Here’s hoping lots more Pinot Noir of this caliber and value reach our shores from Chile.