Hugel et Fils - 2008 Pinot Blanc “Cuvée Les Amours”

Pinot Blanc is one of those grape varieties that often enough confuses those unfamiliar with it. Some are unsure what it is and how it varies from Pint Gris for instance. And that’s a fair enough question since it is a genetic derivative of Pinot Gris. Taste-wise however there can be a wide gulf. While there are certainly a few other notable regions that have traditionally grown Pinot Blanc, Alsace is without question the area it’s most associated with. Today I’ll look at a current release of a Pinot Blanc from Hugel et Fils. The Hugel et Fils 2008 Pinot Blanc “Cuvée Les Amours” is an Alsatian white wine that has been a mainstay on US shelves since the early 1970’s. This offering was produced from fruit sourced at a number of vineyards in Alsace. It is composed 100% of Pinot Blanc. This wine in 375 ml half bottles sells for approximately $10.

Fresh orchard fruit aromas fill the nose of this 2008 Pinot Blanc. The palate shows off lots of apple. Golden delicious notes alternate with wisps of green apple. Vanilla and ginger provide subtle hints of spice. The wine is ultimately crisp and refreshing with firm acidity. It keeps you coming back to the glass for more. It works nicely in its own and will also pair with a host of lighter foods and dishes.

This is a lovely light wine that works well as a welcome wine or as the first wine at the start of a meal. It's crisp, mouth-watering and a nice way to get a party started.