Michael Torino - 2008 Don David Malbec

Sprint is here and it’s time to head out to the grill and Barbecue. With the grilling season upon us you’ll want to find wines that pair well with that style of cooking. Malbec is an excellent choice for that, particularly if you’re cooking meats on your grill. Today I’ll look at one from Michael Torino. The Michael Torino 2008 Don David Malbec was produced using fruit sourced in the Cafayate Valley of Argentina. Michael Torino Estate Winery was founded in 1892 and has over 1,500 acres under vine which are more than 5,500 feet above sea level. This offering is 100% Malbec. The suggested retail price for this wine is $15.99.

Dark, dense fruit aromas fill the nose of this Malbec. Blackberry and blueberry are of particular note. Dried dark fruit flavors including plum are prominent throughout the palate along with a bevy of spice notes led by vanilla bean and clove. This wine has a particularly juicy middle which continues to the finish where kirsch liqueur emerges along with earth and sweet, dark chocolate notes. Excellent acidity keeps things in check here.

This Malbec from Michael Torino is an excellent example of the varietal. It’s delicious on its own and will pair well with full flavored foods. As I mentioned above it’s particularly well suited to grilled meats. However you decide to drink it you’ll find that this wine is a really solid value. If you’re a Malbec fan already here’s a good one to add to your list to try. If you’re new to Malbec this release from Michael Torino is a great place to start.