Trapiche - 2008 Oak Cask Malbec

The Trapiche 2008 Oak Cask Malbec was produced using fruit from the Mendoza region of Argentina. Some of the fruit is from estate vineyards and some from other Mendoza vineyards. This wine is 100% Malbec. Fruit was hand picked and fermented in temperature controlled vats. Each lot of wine was separately aged in a combination of French and American oak over a period of twelve months. Prior to bottling the lots are blended and undergo a light filtration. This wine sells for right around $10. Aromas of toasty oak, vanilla bean and black cherry explode from the nose. Dark berries dominate the plate; blackberries, raspberries and black cherries all play a role. Ribbons of red fruit pass through as well and provide a nice counterpoint in flavor. Vanilla, minerals, graphite and fresh roasted espresso flavors are all part of the finish which has good length for the price point.

This Malbec from Trapiche is a terrific value in its category. It offers a bit more complexity, length and elegance than many other examples in the under $12 category. It has plenty of up front fruit but it also has balance which many examples of Malbec in this price range lack. You can certainly drink this wine on its own, but it’s particularly well suited to pair with grilled meats. Sliders, kabobs or chops would be perfect. Mushroom based dished and hard, flavorful cheeses are safe bets as well. In any case if you drink Malbec, the Oak Cask from Trapiche is one to look out for in the under $12 category.