Michael Torino - 2011 Malbec Rosé

I love Rosé. There’s something about this style of wine, when it’s well done that appeals to me on a deep level. Of course I consume more of it in warm weather months than in fall and winter. However I do find time and desire to drink it in the colder months, particularly if it’s a little bit bigger and bolder a style of Rosé. Today I’ll look at an example from Argentina that fits perfectly into the profile of the sort of Rosé I enjoy while I’m waiting for the weather to warm back up. The Michael Torino 2011 Malbec Rosé was produced from fruit sourced in the Cafayate Valley of Argentina. All of the vineyards utilized sit between 3,000 and 5,000 feet above sea level. This selection is 100% Malbec. After a short period of skin contact this wine is fermented and vinified utilizing the same practices employed for their white wines. A short period of aging, roughly five months, takes place prior to release. This wine is widely available for right around $12.

Aromas of red cherry and flowers are prominent on the nose of this Rosé. Tons of wild strawberry, cherry and bits of pepper are apparent through the full flavored and fruit forward palate. The bright fruit flavors continue through the finish along with a hint of vanilla bean. This wine is very refreshing with good acidity. This Malbec Rosé is made to be paired with food. It has a bit of extra heft allowing it to stand up to a wider array of cuisines than the average Rosé. If you’re drinking this in the cooler months, I’d recommend only putting a slight chill on it.