The Glenlivet 15: for the True Scotch Whisky Lover

Glenlivet15Whisky comes in all shapes and sizes. Single malt Scotch, which is a particular discipline of whisky from Scotland, also has tons of variables. The first and most obvious is how long it was aged. Next you can start to look at what type of barrel it was aged in and ask if it was aged in more than one type. More and more Scotches are being “finished” in a second type of oak. Often these are barrels that once held sherry, Port, or some other sort of wine or spirit. Many though are aged in a single barrel type. The Glenlivet, which has a history dating to 1824, is one of the most widely available single malts across the U.S. Their portfolio offers a broad range of Scotches to whet the appetites of various palates and budgets. Here’s a look at one of their most popular, available, and value packed offerings. Head over to The Daily Meal to read the rest.