Eight Awesome Tequila's

If you haven’t read my Añejo roundup for The Daily Meal, head over there and check that out first. Here are a few that didn’t fit into that story for one reason or another, but that I felt really strongly about. So instead of leaving them on the cutting room floor, they found a home here.

Milagro Añejo ($38)

The straw colored hue shimmers beautifully in the glass. Fresh crushed wheat, light citrus and bits of linseed oil are all apparent on the nose here. Lemon ice, and tons of spice, particularly black pepper reverberate on deep, fresh palate. Tropical fruits, hints of smoke and a touch of chamomile tea are all in play on the above average finish.

Orgullo Pueblo Viejo Añejo ($46)

This Añejo has a rich color. Hints of burnt brown sugar and fresh fruit fill the nose. The minute you take a sip you’re hit with an avalanche of spice notes and dried fruit flavors. Dusty cocoa, mission fig and continued bits of spice are all in evidence on the solid finish.

Siembra Azul Suro Anniversary Edition Reposado ($49)

While this offering is labeled as a Reposado it’s actually a blend composed of an Añejo and an Extra Añejo put together to celebrate their 10th anniversary. Siembra Azul has a beautiful coppery hue. Peach and dried pear aromas come together on the gorgeous nose. The deeply layered palate is studded with rich, appealing flavors. Date and figs are in evidence along with bits of caramel. Marzipan, toast, vanilla and more are part of the remarkably long and spicy finish. There is an outrageous amount of depth, purity and complexity here for the price; this is a steal.

Dulce Vida Lonestar III Añejo ($75)

White pepper notes lead the fiery nose. Tropical fruit flavors including bits of dried pineapple are on display through the dense palate. Sour yellow fruits, discernable heat and an overall firm bite are all in evidence on the above average finish. This is a distinct Añejo that stands out, particularly when tasted side by side with other solid examples.

Patron Roca Añejo ($87)

Gentle grapefruit aromas emerge from the nose along with toasty oak notes. The substantial palate which shows off a ton of yellow fruits, spices, and toasted nuts has some heft to it. The finish is long, substantial and firm with all sorts of dried yellow fruits, spice, bits of savory herb and more. If you like the standard Patron Añejo, you’ll love this.

Corazon Rip Van Winkle Añejo ($88)

Caramel and vanilla bean aromas light up the expressive nose. There is an overriding gentle feel to the palate, but it’s also deep and remarkably complex in nature with oodles of dried fruit, toasty oak notes and spices galore. The long, clean, crisp finish shows off a bit of chamomile tea and wisps of smoke. This throat coating, persistent Añejo is well worth your time and cash.

Dulce Vida Extra Añejo ($160)

This extra Añejo was aged in barrels that previously contained Rombaeur Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. When you pour this in the glass the color will remind you of Iced Tea. The nose here is deep, dark and complex with a boatload of brooding aromas. Dusty, dark chocolate flavors lead the remarkable palate which is jammed packed with a multitude of super rich and complex flavors. Mission fig, dates, dried apricot and more are in evidence. Cocoa, leather, coconut and toasted macadamia nut characteristics lead the more than impressively long finish.

Clase Azul Ultra Extra Añejo ($1,800)

Starting with the hand painted clay decanter which features 24 Carat gold and a pewter top it’s clear this is a luxury product all the way. It’s finished in casks that previously held Sherry. The deep amber hue is striking in the glass. Caramel, molasses and vanilla aromas lead the gorgeous nose. The first thing that came to mind when I sipped this was the stunning mouthfeel. There’s a thickness, weight and gravitas that just stuns your senses. Bits of maple syrup and toasted pecan are in evidence as well as dried tropical fruit. The finish is long and memorable with all of the prior characteristics re-emerging in some fashion. This elegant Tequila put me in a mind of fine Cognac or a 30 year old Scotch due to its level of refinement.