Lexington Kentucky's The Village Idiot is a Worthwhile Destination

The Village Idiot Lexington Kentucky

307 W Short St, Lexington, KY 40507 (859) 252-0099

Located just a block of West Main Street and in the heart of downtown Lexington, The Village Idiot is a Gastropub that spirits lovers will want to make an effort to visit. In particular The Village Idiot is a great spot for those on the hunt for an exceptional Bourbon experience.

On a recent visit I enjoyed an excellent meal from their menu of elevated Pub food paired with a succession of different Borurbons. The food is prepared from locally sourced ingredients. Everything is fresh, inventive and flawlessly executed. The selection of Bourbons on hand is varied in style and price point. They carry well-known names and lesser known selections, often having multiple choices from most producers; including limited releases. More important than simply having a fine selection, the staff is loaded with knowledge about what they offer. Everyone I encountered during my visit was friendly and knowledgeable, but one server Jack was particularly proficient in Bourbon knowledge. After he and I spoke about my preferences he made several informed recommendations. We worked off of my first choice to veer in different directions for the remainder of my visit. When you tell a knowledgeable person what one or two of your favorite Bourbons are they should be able to recommend others you will likely enjoy. That was precisely the case at The Village Idiot.

While Bourbon is clearly the Spirit of choice at The Village Idiot, other Whiskey styles and additional spirits are more than reasonably represented. Some of those are used for their well curated and appealing cocktail selections. Their beer list, on Tap, in Bottle as well as Cans is nearly as deep and varied as their Bourbon list. Those preferring wine will find some solid offerings to choose from as well. No matter your alcohol of choice, they’ve got you covered.

The Village Idiot should be on your must visit list. From the décor and ambiance to the service staff the vibe is warm, welcoming and convivial. The server’s knowledge base is deep and they love to share it. The food is creative, local and delicious. In short if you’re anywhere near Lexington, or you’re in the mood for a tasty road trip, hit the Village Idiot, you’ll be thrilled you did.