Eagles - Long Road Out of Eden

When the Eagles reunited for a tour in 1994 most people believed it was a one time cash grab. Once around the park Jeeves, fill the truck with money, and head home. Except it didn't happen that way. Thirteen years later they're still together. That's longer than their original (1971-1980) run. And now, 28 years after "The Long Run," there's finally a new Eagles studio album.

"Long Road Out of Eden" is, well for one thing, long. Twenty new songs spread over 2 discs. For a band that hasn't released a full album of songs since 8-track tapes were popular, the largesse is not only excusable but welcome.

Which version of the Eagles sound do you want? The early country feel? The later epics? You want Joe Walsh guitar licks? Timothy B. Schmit on lead vocals? Whatever piece of the Eagles sound suits your fancy "Long Road Out of Eden" delivers.

Most importantly those heavenly harmonies are ever present. In fact, if there is one thing most consistently at hand over the 91 minutes their new release runs, it's the Eagles legendary harmonies.

Henley, Frey, Walsh & Schmit all have their own songs to shine on lead vocals. The underpinning of each though is when all 4 of their voices come together to form that classic Eagles sound.

If you want this album, and if you like the Eagles you should want it, you'll either have to go to Wal-Mart or order it on-line. The Eagles made a deal to distribute it exclusively though them at retail. Shopping Wal-Mart is a small price to pay for the pleasure of a new Eagles release. One benefit of this deal is that at around $12 it's priced like a single CD.

Here's hoping the next one arrives before 2035.