Schug - 2006 Sauvignon Blanc

Up first, in my coverage of Schug Carneros Estate wines, is their 2006 Sauvignon Blanc. The fruit was sourced from several diverse vineyards in Sonoma County and just over Schug SB1,600 cases of this wine were produced. Retail price on this Sauvignon Blanc is $18. A ton of grapefruit is the main story of this Sauvignon Blanc's nose. The first sips reveals an accompanying zesty tartness. That tartness disappears pretty quickly as the wine opens up a bit in the glass. This gives way to a lot more fruit flavors that coat the mouth through the mid-palate. More grapefruit, melon and lychee fruit come out and carry on through the substantial finish, which also features an underlying spiciness that tingles the tongue and back of the throat in a very pleasant manner. This wine is clean, crisp and very well balanced. Some of the wine was aged in large oak casks. This added a layer of complexity, but is subtle enough not to detract from the fruit.

This Sauvignon Blanc is an excellent match for mild cheeses. I had it with a wine cured goat cheese and found it to be a perfect complement. I expect it would also be a terrific match for entree salads and other lighter foods. Though it's built for food, this wine also works well sipped on it's own. Drinking it made wish for summer to get here quickly.

For $18 the 2006 Schug Sauvignon Blanc is undoubtedly a good buy. What impressed me the most about it is the impeccable balance and restraint it shows. Often Sauvignon Blancs swing too far one way or the other for my taste. The 2006 Schug Sauvignon Blanc however, is right in my sweet spot for this varietal.

Tomorrow: A look at two distinct Chardonnays from Schug Carneros Estate.

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