Sawtooth Winery - 2004 Tempranillo

The third wine up from Sawtooth Winery is a Tempranillo. For those unfamiliar this grape is most often found in the Rioja region of Span. This is not only my favorite region for Spanish wine, but also one of my favorite wine regions in the world. Over the years I've sampled Tempranillo from other areas of the world with mixed results. Most often the wines produced from Tempranillo outside of Spain are in sharp contrast to the ones emerging from this grapes native home. So when I had the chance to taste a Tempranillo from Idaho, I was curious, to say the least. Having enjoyed the previous Sawtooth offerings I've run through this week, my anticipation for the Tempranillo increased. The 2004 Tempranillo from Sawtooth Winery is one of their smaller productions. Only 140 cases of Sawtooththis wine were produced in what was only their second vintage for Tempranillo. The Retail price is $18.99. This wine is finished with a natural cork closure.

The Sawtooth 2004 Tempranillo has an appealing nose of plum and violets, underscored by subtle spice notes. The palate of this wine is rich with cherries from the first sip you take through to the finish, which is full of spice notes that kick in about midway through. Some earthiness and mushroom notes also emerge at the end as the wine opens up after time in the glass. This Tempranillo is gentle smooth and layered. It is made in the same style that Tempranillo is made in its native Rioja. This wine will be a great match for Paella or medium strength cheeses. Manchego would be a natural and perfect match.

What I like most about the Sawtooth Tempranillo is that It's the type of wine I could sip all day. It's full favored, with nice complexity but never tires the palate by being over the top as so many other Tempranillos made outside of Spain tend to be in my experience. Another well balanced and food friendly wine from Sawtooth Winery.

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