Go Figure - 2005 Oakville Cabernet Sauvignon

With the state of the economy it's no surprise there are some deals to be had. Sometimes those deals are local and sometimes they're global. In gfsome cases they're a little of both. I've mentioned négociants a few times lately. Today's wine is a different spin on that. Gary's Wine and Marketplace is a NJ retailer with three stores. These stores are run by Gary Fisch and they do a nice job of providing value and selection. I used to shop their Madison store, but am happy they have one in Wayne now, a bit closer to where I live. Over the years Gary has developed relationships with vintners and such as he tastes and buys. On occasion an opportunity to do something unique presents itself. In this case he had the chance to source Oakville Cabernet Sauvignon from what his website says is a "well known" winery. Today I'll look at that wine.

The 2005 Go Figure Oakville Cabernet Sauvignon was produced and bottled by Girard Winery. Gary's website doesn't say that, but the back of the bottle reveals that tidbit. 224 cases of this selection were bottled. Girard has several Cabernt Sauvignon's which sell for approximately $75, give or take. The 2005 Go Figure sells exclusively through Gary's for $34.99.

Though I've shopped Gary's over the years, I never had one of the selections he sourced as a négociant, so I was pretty curious. I opened the bottle and found that it was pretty tight at first. No surprise as higher end Napa Cabernet often benefits from some air. The nose started to express itself pretty quickly and I found cedar, vanilla and a host of berry notes. Once it really opened up (an hour did the trick), the Go Figure has a very silky, smooth Mouth-feel filled with a host of berry, chocolate, blueberry, cassis, cherry and tingly white pepper characteristics. Towards the end of the mid-palate chocolate dipped cherry notes became prominent and carried through the finish. White pepper, minerals, dust and a hint of espresso bean make up a lengthy finish.

The bottom line for me is that this wine is a steal. While I understand that $34.99 is still a serious investment for a lot of folks, you're really getting so much more. Value is relative, but Napa Cabernet of this quality normally sells for at least $60, often more. With only 224 cases, this is a selection to pick up and tuck away for Thanksgiving, Christmas or some other special occasion. Go get  'em before they're gone. While I've never ordered through their website, if the on-line service is as well run as Gary's stores are I'm sure it'll be a smooth transaction.

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