Twisted Wines - 2007 Pinot Grigio

twistedpgWhether you're headed to a Barbecue, having a casual get together at your own home or eating takeout food on weekday night, you're probably going to want to pair it with some wine. The difficulty for me in situations like this is picking the right wine. If 'm headed to a large gathering it's hard to bring a couple of bottle of high end Chardonnay, Syrah or what have you. But I refuse to bring something I'm not happy drinking myself. So I end up spending a lot of time tasting wines in the under $10 range, looking for a combination of value, wide appeal, and sufficient complexity to keep me interested. Today I'll look at a Pinot Grigio that fits the bill. The 2007 Twisted Wines Pinot Grigio was produced using fruit sourced from various regions in California. Alcohol for this wine is a modest 13%. The suggested retail price for this selection is $7.99.

This wine has a lovely pale straw yellow hue. Lemon Zest is most prominent in the nose. What the nose really brings to mind is Lemon Italian Ices. Throughout the palate there is more lemon, pear, apple and honeydew notes. Vanilla and white pepper along with a touch of tart citrus are all part of a medium length finish.

The bottom line for me on this wine is that's it's a refreshing white, perfect for large summer gatherings. It has a good price point and sufficient complexity to make it interesting in it's category. The relatively low alcohol also adds to its warm weather appeal. This wine isn't going to blow you away, but it's not intended to. It will however do what it was meant to do which is serve as a nice, refreshing, low priced summer white.

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