Cupcake Vineyards - NV Brut Rosé

Over the last couple of years Cupcake Vineyards has emerged as an interesting source for wine. They offer an ever increasing, eclectic portfolio of releases sourced the world over that deliver solid (or better) quality at prices that most folks can afford on a regular basis. Today I’ll look at one of their Sparkling Wine efforts. The Cupcake Vineyards Brut Rosé was produced using 100% French Pinot Noir. After gentle pressing the juice is cold fermented, over a couple of weeks, in stainless steel. After the lots are assembled it undergoes secondary fermentation in bottle followed by aging on the lees. It’s then riddled and corked prior to release. The whole process spans approximately 2 years, 10,000 cases of this sparkling wine were produced and it has a suggested retail price of $15.99.

Things start of with a classic salmon colored hue, lovely and typical for Rosé Sparklers. Aromas of wild strawberry lead the nose underscored by touches of crème fraiche. This wine has a substantial palate that features red cherry, strawberry and an overall mélange of juicy red fruits including watermelon. Wisps of biscuit and ginger are part of the finish along with creamy scone. The finish is noteworthy in its range for both length and structure.

What I love most about this Non Vintage Brut is how versatile it is. It’s delicious sipped by itself but will also pair well with a host of foods both sophisticated and casual. I had this wine alongside a grilled cheese sandwich of Muenster cheese on 12 grain bread; it was a terrific match. The modest price tag makes it a wine you can open any day of the week, the quality makes it something you’ll be happy to serve to guests.