Campo Viejo - 2012 Garnacha

The Rioja region of Spain is bet known for wines based on Tempranillo. Often these are single varietal wines, other times they have small amounts of indigenous local varieties blended in as well. Campo Viejo is a winery that falls right into that description. They make a number of Tempranillo based wines in different tiers within the Spanish wine aging laws. Now they have added the first ever Garnacha to their portfolio. Here’s a look at it. The Campo Viejo 2012 Garnacha is an inaugural release for this well known, widely distributed winery based in the Rioja region of Spain. This release is made entirely of Garnacha sourced at their vineyards in the Alfaro and Aldeanueva sections of Rioja Baja. Fermentation took place in temperature controlled stainless steel vats. Aging in French oak barrels took place over 4 months. This wine is available all over the country and has a suggested retail price of $12.00. Violets and dark, heady fruit aromas emerge from the nose of this 2012 Garnacha. A gentle wisp of vanilla bean is present as well. The palate is studded with plum, blueberry and raspberry flavors. Spices such as pepper and clove are present as well and lead to the finish which shows off rhubarb and strawberry as well as tiny bits of anise seed. The finish has solid length for the price range.

Pinot Noir gets a ton of play as a food friendly wine that pairs with a wide array of cuisines, and that reputation is often deserved. Garnacha doesn’t get as much attention for this, but it deserves it. Well made, wines based on this varietal are just as food friendly if not more so in some cases. This example from Campo Viejo is well priced for everyday consumption and a solid choice to keep a case or so of around as a house wine.