Villa de Varda Impresses with a Wide Range of Grappas

Villa_de_Varda_Grappa_Amarone_Stravecchia-FRONTA couple of weeks back at dinner with Michele Dolzan I had the opportunity to taste through some of the different Grappa’s his family produces as well as learn all about their history. Michele is part of the fourth generation and along with his brother’s carries on the family tradition as well as bringing it forward to current times by instituting higher standards, and using modern technology to their advantage. Villa de Varda produces a wide range of different Grappas. Within their portfolio are single varietal Grappas, blended Grappas and selections aged using different methodologies and vessels. In short all of these things lend themselves to Valla de Varda having a wide ranging assortment of Grappas that offer a variety of flavors and drinking experiences.

They have developed the “de Varda” method which has subsequently been adopted by some other producers. It has three basic steps to it. The first involves the raw materials... Head over to The Daily Meal to read the rest.