Trivento Estate 2014 Amado Sur Malbec

Over time grape varieties get varying amounts of attention in the wine world at large. Of course the same occurs in my own life as well. There are many reasons for the shifts in interest and consideration. Lately, I’ve been thinking about Malbec more than usual. I’ve also tasted quite a few recently, both on my own and alongside winemakers. In this case the reason is obvious; World Malbec day is around the corner.

There are many faces to Malbec and it can be interpreted in many styles. I’m happy to say that more and more of the examples I taste are made in a style that highlights freshness of fruit, acidity and balance. That’s a far cry from a few years ago when a lot of the Malbec on US shelves was up front flash with barely any body and certainly no finish to speak of. Over the years I’ve found that Trivento does a nice job at various tiers. Here’s a look at the current release of their Amado Sur.

Trivento Estate 2014 Amado Sur Malbec ($15)

This offering is a blend of Malbec (79%), Bonarda (11%), and Syrah (10%). All of the fruit is from the Mendoza region. Each variety is fermented and barrel aged separately. After blending the cuvee is aged in stainless and bottle for an additional 11 months prior to release.  Red fruit aromas such as cherry and raspberry fill the nose. Wisps of vanilla and pepper are present as well. Ripe, wild strawberry, red cherry and baking spices fill the juicy palate.  Earth, dried cherry and bits of savory herbs are evident on the long finish.  Supple tannins and firm acid provide nice structure. This Malbec is well priced for everyday drinking and it’s freshness assure it’ll pair nicely with a wide array of foods.