Mollydooker - Blue Eyed Boy - 2006 Shiraz

Mollydooker makes wines in several different series. The Boxer which I covered yesterday is part of the Lefty Series. As with The Boxer, the rest of the Lefty Series Blue Eyed Boyretails for $20. Next up from there is The Party Series. Today's wine, Blue Eyed Boy, is from that series. The three wines in the Mollydooker Party Series retail for $50. Blue Eyed Boy opens up with a nose full of candied plum and and mulled spices. White pepper notes hit you from the very first sip and are accompanied by loads of dark berry fruit. Lots of blueberry character emerges on the mid palate along with mocha and additional spice which carries through to a long and outstanding finish that goes on and on.

The flavor profile is reminiscent of The Boxer. However Blue Eyed Boy is bigger, bolder and richer than The Boxer with better acidity and balance. This wine is drinking very well right now but I'd expect it to improve and drink well for at least 10 years.

An interesting packaging note on the Mollydooker Wines is a tear-off tab on the back part of the label. Approximately the size of a postage stamp it's a convenient and fail-safe way to remember that terrific bottle of wine you had at a restaurant or a friends house.

In addition to the free ground shipping and overnight shipping deal they offer on their website, Mollydooker also offers some combinations of wines as well as a party pack sampler case. Additionally they make wines outside of the two series I've covered.

If you like Australian wine, particularly Shiraz, Mollydooker is a producer to check out.

Starting tomorrow: A look at Edna Valley Vineyards.

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