Edna Valley Vineyard - 2006 Syrah

EVVThe 2006 Syrah is the last release from Edna Valley Vineyard I'll be looking at this week. But look for them to be featured again at the end of April during Petite Sirah Week.  Before getting to the Syrah though, The Edna Valley Vineyard Wine Club is worth mentioning. Their wine club features quarterly shipments of 3 bottles available only at the winery. The cost for each shipment is $60. Edna Valley Vineyard has recently formed an alliance with Ocean Conservancy. They donate $5 from each members quarterly shipment directly to the Ocean Conservancy. Further information on their wine club is availabe on their website or by calling them at 1-888-391-WINE.

The Syrah's nose is full of candied plum, spice, casis and dark berry fruit. The first sip reveals a touch of tartness that blows off once the wine has had a chance to breathe a little bit. Hints of smoke, blackberry and mulled cider spice emerge and carry on through the mid palate which also features some chocolaty notes. Both white pepper and a subtle but persistent earthiness present themselves early on and carry themselves through the finish. The 2006 Edna Valley Vineyard Syrah is medium bodied and well balanced with good acidity. It should match up well with a wide array of foods, though a burger might be the perfect match for this one.

As with the other two Edna Valley Vineyard wines I looked at this week, this is a well made wine exhibiting true varietal character. Suggested retail price is $20 but it can be found pretty widely for closer to $17.

Coming Next Week: A look at the wines of Clos La Chance.

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