Churchill's - 10 Year Tawny Port

One of the things that make Port so engaging as a topic within a topic in the wine world is the long and storied history it has. Most Port Houses have centuries of back story to look back on. However every so often a new player emerges that makes a mark. Churchill’s has been around for 30 years now and that’s actually pretty new in the world of Oporto. They have however built an impressive track record in their youth. Today I’ll look at one of their current releases. The Churchill’s 10 Year Tawny Port was produced using fruit sourced at some of their prime vineyards. The average age of the wines used is of course 10 Years as the name and style indicates. This wine which is available in 500 ml bottles has a suggested retail price of $33.

The nose of this Tawny Port combines aromas of both fresh and dried fruits such as apricots along with a fruitcake spices. The palate is absolutely strewn with apricot, nectarine, roasted hazelnut and chestnut flavors as well as continued fruitcake spice characteristics. Hints of caramel and toffee emerge on the finish which has prodigious length and depth. Pair this Tawny Port with all sorts of sweet deserts or even better a cheese course.

There are several things that most impress me about this wine. The complexity and layers of flavor from the first sip to the end of the finish are one. Another is the overall balance of this wine which is simply perfect; it’s sweet to be sure but just the right amount. Along those lines this Tawny Port has good weight but is practically lithe in the manner it dances across your tongue and gently clings to the back of your throat. This is a knockout of a Tawny Port that I highly recommend for anyone with any level of interest in this style of wine. With the Holiday Season fast approaching this wine would be a tremendous choice to serve as an impressive crescendo at the end of fabulous meal with Family and Friends.